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Streaming exclusively at, “Marriage 2.0” is a high-quality, story-driven movie with explicit sex scenes that are in the service of the plot. Imagine that! The idea is that if the sex scenes are made sexy by the larger, complex narrative at hand — rather than the shorthand of X-rated clichés, like the naughty schoolgirl or the MILF next door — they won’t end up as free jerk-off material on PornHub. In general, it’s a far more attractive and better-acted porn film than most. But it’s the focus on incorporating the explicit sex scenes into a well-developed narrative that really makes it stand out. This is not a movie you will want to fast-forward.



In what will go down as a groundbreaking exploration of modern-day relationships, the debut feature film Marriage 2.0 is as refreshing as it is ambitious. Fueled by rich visual storytelling, superlative acting and a prevailing feeling of authenticity, director Paul Deeb’s “Marriage 2.0” shows just how deep adult cinema can go with the right mix of talent and imagination. A rare achievement in progressive adult filmmaking, “Marriage 2.0” will make viewers think with its strong statements about culture, commitment and unconditional love. Under Deeb’s direction, (the stars) lift this film to exceptional heights and almost make one forget that a story about two people looking for and finding inner peace also included explicit sex.


"Good God... This must be what heaven is like!"

"This is the best episodic series I've ever watch in adult. I've learned how to cure a problem I had through watching this series. Thank you very much."

"...this is some good stuff. This is the type of porn that I would love to work in. being able to do scenes for educational purposes"