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Climax #2

Climax #2 Image HD View Boxcover

Danielle (Gianna Dior) and Jason (Seth Gamble) recently got married and are madly in love with each other. Although they have a busy sex life, they are always looking for new experiences to spice it up. Before he met Danielle, Jason was already a member of the Joy Club, a very private club where members can indulge their every desire and fantasy. In a few days, his wife will have the opportunity to join the club, but she's a little anxious about it. What if the owner and the other members don't like her? Zara (Emma Hix), the owner of the Joy Club, and her assistant Devon (Harmony Rivers) make a point of welcoming new members in the best possible way. Jason is one of the most active members, so they make sure his new wife feels as comfortable as possible from the start.

After a short interview to find out the newcomer's motivations, Zara decides to give her a test to find out her desires and expectations. Danielle has always been bisexual but has rarely had the opportunity to participate in a threesome with a stranger and the man she loves. Yet, one of her greatest fantasies has always been to see her partner enjoying himself with another woman in her presence. Thanks to Zara, she can finally make it happen in the most exciting way possible. A few days later, the couple was invited back to the Joy Club to make Danielle's application official. While Jason and Brad, a new member take care of pretty assistant Devon, Zara and Michelle have fun with each other in the next room. Being able to hear her husband giving pleasure to another woman without seeing him excites the pretty brunette like never before. Zara's expert kisses and caresses amplify her desire even more, and soon she's overwhelmed with orgasm. And she's the one who thought she wouldn't fit in

Now a full time member, Danielle decides to emancipate herself and come to the club alone to meet new people. Today, she is welcomed by Britney Amber and Lena Paul, two of the oldest members. The two 18 women are very experienced in the pleasures of women and offer Danielle an experience she had never had before. Even though she had had relationships with other women, she had never had so much fun. It was an experience she would not soon forget. To celebrate Danielle's arrival at the Joy Club, Zara gave her a little surprise. The 18 woman has integrated so well that she is now giving her the opportunity to participate in her very first real orgy with another couple and the owner herself. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Of course, since her arrival Danielle had had the opportunity to participate in various threesomes but she had never made love with so many partners at the same time. Three women and two men, that offers so many possibilities. From now on, Danielle is likely to be a little more active in welcoming new recruits.

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