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Amazing Sex Secrets: Better Orgasms

Learn Techniques Used To Increase Sexual Playtime And Achieve Prolonged And Powerful Orgasms.

Marcus London directs and narrates this fantastic guide to bringing your partner to orgasm in Amazing Sex Secrets: Better Orgasms. London takes a thorough look into the science and origin of the term "g-spot" and the techniques used to create powerful orgasms through foreplay, different positions, and the importance of the right locations to engage in sex. Through statements and interviews with the adult stars whose daily lives are surrounded by sexual activity, we begin to see a pattern and a map to follow the right way to stimulate a woman and prime her for prolonged orgasms and better sexual experiences. By viewing the in-depth, on screen demonstration of the techniques that these professionals employ, and by following the onscreen instructions and narration, this guide will give you a new look at how you can please your lover and prolong your sexual playtime.

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